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The tea table began in the tang dynasty in the tang dynasty. Tea, in this historical background, by a group of birth Mountain forest monk and hermit scholars between landscape, began the enlightenment for Chinese tea culture and sublimation, which formed the tea ceremony, tea ceremony, tea art as the characteristics of China's unique cultural symbols. To song dynasty, the tea table not only in natural, didn't also took some type catch meaning in the natural works of art in tea table, with tea and cut flowers, incense, hang a picture more has been called the "four arts", often appear in a variety of tea table. And in the Ming dynasty tea art connoisseur feng bing "depicting, tea should be", but also for the tea. Do: nothing, good guest, you sit, and intoned, waving hands, walking and waking sleep, lodge, tabled omen, se, understanding, appreciation, Wen Tong, which said "omen" and "se", is referring to the tea table of the card. 


+86 20 3891 7333