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Privacy Policy

The guangzhou Hlife hotel (hereinafter referred to as "huaxuan hotel") respects the privacy of all guests and business partners, and keeps your personal data confidential. We strictly abide by the Chinese mainland's personal data (" privacy ") protection ordinance to ensure that your personal data is protected as far as possible in accordance with internationally accepted standards. Your personal data and information will help us to achieve our commitment and provide you with sincere hospitality.

Application of policy
Privacy policy (" policy ") applies to the guest and we do business with other personal data and information, also applies to electronic or written to any form of the data and data management.
This policy enables us to fulfill our commitment to protect your personal data and has been adopted by China hotel. The "hua · hotel", "we" and "ours" mentioned below are, according to the context, the general term for these individual hotels or businesses.

Collect personal data
"Personal data" in this policy refers to the personal information used to identify your identity. You can visit our website without providing any personal data or information. To enable you to enjoy specific services, we may need to collect your personal data and ask you to provide this information on a completely voluntary basis. Our collection of your personal data may be due to: (1) the information or services required to provide the required information or services; (2) understand and satisfy your personal preference; (3) purchase our products or services; (4) registration becomes the membership requirement; (5) submit work application; (5) information communication needs.

Type of personal data collected
The personal data we deal with include:
• your personal details, contact details, passport and visa, identity information;
• guest check in information, including the hotel, arrival/departure date, purchase products and services, special requirements, to the service of individual be fond of, call the phone number, receive faxes and telephone information, etc.;
• information about your credit card details, membership information, online user account information, personal information or passwords, and information about any partner membership;
• any information you need to meet your special requirements (e.g. leisure, travel and guest preferences);
• your comments and comments on our service;
• information collected through the use of closed-circuit television systems and other security systems; And information about guest credit.

How do we use personal data
We may use and disclose the relevant parts of your personal data for the following purposes:
• handling and/or confirming hotel arrangements and restaurant reservations;
• provide hotel accommodation and other products and services you purchase and collect fees;
• provide you with exclusive privileges, privileges and services;
• provide you with more complete and personalized service;
• handling of applicants' applications and membership management;
, used to perform any of you, our make travel arrangements for your business or personal (such as travel, group travel organizer and your employer), and other service providers (such as credit card companies, airlines, or other a frequent-flyer scheme) of the contractual obligations;
• for market analysis, market research, customer satisfaction survey and quality assurance investigation;
• respond to requests for information and services;
• to ensure the safety of guests;
• manage daily records;
• assist in direct selling, promotional activities and customer management, including sending promotional information or preferential plans to you under your approval (please see the following "direct selling" column below);
• assist in integrating with other personal data for any purpose;
• the winner of the contest to be published or to represent our organization, or the winner of the draw prize; and
• meet the requirements of other laws and regulations.

Disclose your personal information
We will provide and transmit your personal data and information to the relevant parties from time to time: China hotel; Related tourism enterprises (such as airlines, car rental companies or travel agencies); Partner of China hotel; Courier company; Mail companies and contractors, etc., to help meet your needs, or to provide the services you require, or for other reasons (see "how do we use of personal data" one column). We have an agreement with any data collection party, except for the above purposes stated in the hua hotel statement, strictly prohibiting them from disclosing any personal data and information for other purposes.
We have the right to disclose any personal information and information about you, if at the request of a court or government agency, or in accordance with the law, or in order to protect our own rights or property.
We may share information about population statistics with business partners, affiliates or related businesses or other companies or organizations. This summary information is not associated with any of your identifiable personal data and cannot be traced back.
In addition to the above circumstances, we are not allowed to sell or transmit identifiable personal information to any third party.

Direct selling
We will use your personal information (including your name, address, telephone number, email address and other contact details), send you marketing publicity materials, such as news, discount, promotion, activities such as direct mail, email, phone calls and text messages, these news, discounts, promotions and activities are provided by us or our business partners, and with the following categories of products and services related to:
Travel, catering, credit card, service entertainment, leisure sports, fitness, nonprofit and charity activities, telecommunications, social networking, media and public relations.
We will not use your personal data for direct sale without your consent. Before using your personal data for direct marketing purposes, we will first obtain your consent. You can also choose to stop receiving any marketing information in any of the following free ways:
• in accordance with the "stop subscription" instructions in the publicity materials;
• contact information on "how to review or correct your personal data"

Ensure personal data security
In order to maintain the accuracy of your personal data, and to prevent unauthorized access, and ensure that your personal information is used correctly, we adopt the corresponding artificial, electronics and management measures, in order to ensure the security of the personal data collected. We regularly review and monitor these security measures. Although we will vigorously defend the security of your personal data, however, there is no security measures can completely prevent personal data and information are disturbing, abuse or intrusion, for any data lost, abuse, or the resulting changes, we will not bear the responsibility.
Children and minors
Unless local law requires, we will not be aware of any children or minors to collect personal data. If you are a child or a minor, you can only use our website and services under the permission of the parent or guardian.

Anonymous browsing
Visitors browse our website anonymously. Besides your active input information, our web site Settings will not collect any information from your computer that said, unless you are familiar with the situation actively provide information to us, otherwise we will not know your identity, email addresses, or of any information to identify your identity.

The Cookies
We will use "cookies" on some web pages to give you a better experience browsing the site. Cookies are the online text files that are used to save your preferences in your computer's browser. Unless you actively inform us of E-mail addresses or other identifiable information, such as registering our services, the Cookies themselves will not disclose the information. However, you choose to enter your identifiable personal information on the site, which may be linked to information stored in cookies.
We use cookies to better understand how websites are used and to improve web content and services. For example, we use cookies to make your experience more personalized on our web pages (we can identify you by name when you visit the site again, etc.); Store your user name and/or password in a password-protected area; Provide products, projects or services for you.

Your choice
You are free to choose your personal data or information voluntarily. If you don't want to provide specific information, the services you can enjoy may be affected (for example, we won't be able to book you if you don't provide your name).

How to access or correct your personal data
You have the right to access and update the personal data kept in our database. If there is any change in your personal details, please feel free to update. If you have any questions about the policy, or ask for access to and update your personal information and information, please contact.
We have the right to charge you a certain fee when handling your application. As mentioned above, you must apply for access to and update your personal information in writing. When applying, please be sure to give your name, address and telephone number so that we can confirm your identity and inform you of the details of your application.

Policy update
We will update this policy from time to time. Any changes to this policy will be published on our website so that you can keep an informed view of our collection and use of your personal information. Each updated version of this policy will be updated at the end of the date for your reference.
All updates and changes are published on our website immediately. You will then use the website to represent you to accept updated and effective policies.

This policy is established in accordance with the laws of the People's Republic of China and is subject to the laws of the People's Republic of China.
This policy is in Chinese and may be translated into other languages. If there is any discrepancies between the Chinese version and other translations, please refer to the Chinese version.